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tv   Today  NBC  October 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and live from studio 1a in rock fella plaza. >> we're listening to michael and he is playing "nobody but me". we're going to be in a good mood all day. >> no, i do not. >> we have the one and only drew carrie is here.
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>> it's my tenth year of the price is right. >> 35 years on the old. >> nine years before that with phil collins. >> it was called the price is right? >> yeah, they came back and making 72 and they went back to an hour in 1975. >> we love the price is right. >> one dollar. >> we're going to have a little competition coming up. drew going to be the guy coming up. also get ready for the sweet song and the single is climbing the country charts. they're going to sing with us. and then charlie's first visit to the groom er. >> there's nothing beautiful than a dog and a bath. >> she is going share the tips and to do it perfectly. sometimes it's scary for dogs. >> what about for cats? >> she does and she looks really
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de cute and the tail is puffy and it's sleek. >> what do your kids by the way. >> yeah, speaking in the cut and lala is going to be a donut. we just ate one. >> oh my god. >> look how cute that is. >> what about papi? >> well, i don't have a picture of him in a costume. >> what is he going to be? >> a donut hole. >> what about your and the husband? >> a star wars and i don't know my costume. >> you should do a crispy cream. are you going to trick or treat? >> yeah. going with vail. >> yeah, she is going to be like a cool -- some kind of an artist that she was studying as a little girl.
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like i think i would have to google. >> so is mine not the highbrow. >> so yesterday we showed you this picture and these were two golden doodles dressed up. one said i love it but my hair is all curly now and that does not look like me. the golden doodle instagram account captioned it. >> we do what k aathie lee says >> it's like lady and the tramp. >> that would be good. they do have a big thing of skiddles. >> how many drew? >> how many are in here? >> take a look. >> we don't have a game called guessed the skittles. >> give us a number.
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more or less than 2,000? >> got to be more. >> i did not ask you. i asked drew. >> got to be a couple of thousand in there. >> two, three, four, five, six. >> give me a second. >> we have 12,000 responses just so you know. >> so what was your guess? >> mine was 4,007. >> 5,000. >> i said 5,001. >> here is the verdict? >> 5,192, but you know who won? there was a woman that guessed the exact amount. her name is patricia wosick and guessed it. she sayed i love your show. >> patricia you get a prize and it's $100 worth of candy, and a
10:05 am
$200 gift card. >> drew is right. we need had her to guess the lottery numbers and everything else. she is a smart cookie. i can't believe that she got it right. >> i wonder who she did? >> they were buying a vessel and thing like this and buying them and measuring a gallon jug. they wanted the mars candy. >> how many times could you enter? >> one. >> probably saying she entered a thousand times. >> here is to national chocolate day. we like to do them in a glass with wine. this is red wine and chocolate. >> i did not know that this is a baked thing. red wine, dark chocolate chunks and coconut wiphipped cream. >> by the way, i think that it taste good.
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>> like dark chocolate and wine, but don't think that it should be mixed. >> as you swallow, the wine comes later. it's the chocolate. >> she really likes it. >> that's going to be off the web. >> i'm eat that. contrast to jennifer lopez. she is in vegas. she just came off american idol. >> looks like j.lo too. >> now she is going to be in the next live musical by by birdie. this was inspired when elvis was drafted in the army. >> i can't believe this is for her. >> she never slows down. i remember thinking this is incredible how thshe keeps thisp and does other jobs too.
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>> this is one of the best nights ever. >> yeah. >> she was just singing. >> she is singing and a whole lot of living to do? is she in that number? >> no, we're told from sources no. >> no. >> what do you think of her? >> well, i love the musicals. >> you have an opinion. >> i don't care. >> he does not have an opinion. >> good for her. >> okay. so what else? what else can we discuss today. >> i think dump a bunch of wine in the skittles ask dry it out since you're experimenting. >> you know what i would do? >> there gryou go. >> these are good by the way. >> this makes you feel warm and fuzz y inside. they come out with a calendar and this year decided to do it with a video.
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>> why does that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. >> we do. this is jeff leech and he spent the last holiday building an in nepal. >> these pictures are not only handsome firefighters but added puppies. >> yeah, they have a documentary series z-- >> i'm out of here everybody. >> don't believe. this raises money. this is a dogging and a man -- >> big deal. i don't care. so what? >> all right. if you notice when you go trick or treating you may notice that people have the teal pumpkins on
10:09 am
the porches. >> it's for those with allergies. >> you will get things like a spider ring. >> so that's like a don't come to this house kind of thing. >> that's it. it's an effort donation wide for those that have allergies. let's play a quick game shall we? >> let's. >> drew play in the head. >> relationship expert claim that is she has created ten questions in the relationship is going last. >> here we go. >> first one, are you your best possible version of yourself? >> i think that means are you t the best possible version. >> do you trust each other without question? do you both feel that you're the lucky one in the relationship
10:10 am
and acknowledge it regularly? >> he's lucky. >> can you imagine a future growing o old together? >> yes. >> are you best friends? >> yes. >> i have a lot of best friends. >> that means are you friendly. >> do you like each other's family and friends? >> do you support each other's decisio decisions? you don't always do that. >> don't put a no. >> do you do things apart? >> yes. >> do you have interest together? >> medium. >> do you agree on the big stuff? >> definitely. >> if you answered yes eight or more times, kate says that the relationship is going to last. >> i mean the truth is some of them were more back slash.
10:11 am
do i love all of o the interest and to do fishing with him? no. i will say that out loud. do i think that he is funny and fun? yeah, absolutely. >> he thinks you're hysterical. >> get ready for the showcase show down. >> play along with us. we're going to come back right after this. us ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ♪ savings ♪ oh, yeah
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all right. can you believe the iconic game show the "the price is right" is celebrating an anniversary this week. give contestants $1 spins and buy a chance to be in the showdown. >> tenth season as host stand-up comedian drew carey. we're about to talk to him but for some reason all the way over here. what's going on? >> we have to do this game. do the game you can't be over there. i can't be over here. you have to come on down! >> yeah! >> over here. >> i don't want to trip. careful. >> they gave me this fake microphone. >> oh, they did? >> one over there. hoda. don't we need to be over here? >> at the showcase? oh. we're over who? what we're doing. do this first. >> here's what we're going to do. i got the card right here. >> wait. before the game. >> hear a little about the show. >> talk about you.
10:16 am
>> sure, sure. >> hi. how are you? you look so good. >> thank you. you, too. >> how's the ten years been for you? >> great. i can't believe it's been ten years. it's gone by so quickly. >> your favorite part of the show? >> my favorite part, meeting the contestants. the best part and talk to people during the commercial and people in the audience. absolutely my favorite part of the show. hanging around all the fans that come to the show. >> how about hand-selecting the contestants? run up, so enthusiastic. >> a guy named stan blitz working on the show 32 years who goes out into the line, everybody waiting in line and finds them. >> really, really quickly. >> brings back a list. figure out the fine people from the people in the audience. >> went with my friends from college, wore the college shirts. >> how did you do? >> i didn't get called, but now i think i will get called right this moment, right? >> are you going to play a game with us? >> yeah. go over there. >> showcase showdown. >> which is not really the showcase showdown. >> i'm going to use this pretend
10:17 am
stick microphone, which you gave me -- >> a little bit of a low-budget show. >> all miked up. i don't really need this but they want me to use -- >> ready! >> okay. so i'm going to show you some items with the price and you have to tell me whether -- buzz in. tell me whether the actual retail price is higher than lower than the price. >> we're ready. >> item number one, corkscrew. more or less than $9.99. >> less! >> who buzzed in first. >> i did? >> i did. >> more. exactly. >> less. >> thank you. one point. >> next, please. kathie and hoda wine glasses. thank you, andrew. >> those are cheap. >> more or less than $5.99. >> i think you were in there. >> less. >> it is more. >> how much more? >> 30 -- it doesn't say. >> $39.99.
10:18 am
>> we charge $40 for a -- >> a crystal wine aerator. $12.99, more or less? >> definitely more, drew. >> less. only $11.32. >> ooh! >> you can aerate your wine. and a glass wine decanter. >> how much is it? >> $29.99, more or less. >> more? >> less. >> we are so bad! this is the worst game -- >> you guys obviously have people serve you wine but you don't buy your own -- >> we do, but -- i thought it was expensive. >> stainless steel wine stopper. >> gosh. >> stop the wine from going in your mouth. >> what? >> is this a tiebreaker? >> this is the tiebreaker. >> it is definitely, drew, more than $8.99. >> thank you. >> $9.99. >> what do i win, what do we win? >> you get a chance -- >> play that later. guys, back more with drew and
10:19 am
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10:22 am keep food air tight, leak proof, and where it belongs. even when life goes a little sideways. glad press'n seal. the best all-surface wrap. we are back with mr. drew carey, host of the "the price is right." >> a chance to win big on this hole in one game. we're calming it -- >> hole in wine.
10:23 am
>> brilliant. >> if you get this hole in wine you get a chance to win. >> what? >> a new car! >> what? oh my gosh. does she really? >> about 20 miles an hour, left and right reverse steering, batteries no the included. all you have to do to win this -- >> how many chances? >> as many as you need. we really want you to win this remote ferrari. >> ah! >> ah! >> that was amazing! you got it -- >> where is it? >> there it is. >> 0oh. it's so little. >> that's it? >> wait a minute. drew, where are you going? we should point out drew -- >> a spine. >> we should point out you are a cleveland fan for the series? >> cleveland indians. excited. watching the game tonight on tv. >> and there he is. look. >> good luck. where are you? >> there you are. >> dressing room watching --
10:24 am
>> this is, by the way, jenna, see if you can hit one. i bet you can. >> we'll have the production office buy you another -- >> is there a living room set? or a boat. a boat! a cruise to alaska? >> you got it. try again. try again. you got t. take the other golf ball out of the wine glass to have a chance to get it in there. >> come on. you're not aiming. you got it. come on. >> are you trying -- >> we'll count that one. >> that is -- >> broke the glass. what do i get for that? nothing. >> don't miss the "the price is right" celebrating its 48th anniversary season. >> and look at -- grooming tips to help you keep your pet primpened and pretty. >> and last-ment costume ideas just in time for halloween, after your local news. after your local news. >> all ri i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away.
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age perfect eye renewal from l'oreal skin expert paris good morning. it's 10:26. i'm kris sanchez. we still are talking about the weather but rob mayeda said it's starting to move on. >> we're seeing the trends on the radar. san jose now with the wettest
10:27 am
day since march 5th. check out morgan hill. almost 2 inches of rain out of the storm. we're finally seeing a break and we're now transitioning out ofwiof widespread rain to scottered showers, a much dryer commute compared to what we saw earlier this morning. next round of rain, late saturday into sunday, more wind with that system. you can see another storm due in late monday night into tuesday of next week. chris? >> even after the rain, we notice all the roadways. we'll check traffic when we return.
10:28 am
10:29 am
well, welcome back, folks. i wants to show you the blue on the map. that's over the east bay or the tri-valley area because that's where the ponding may remain. that rain easing off or rob talked about having touched the south bay and now recovery happens. the peninsula, we'll talk about that in a second. i want to make sure we talk about san francisco. eastbound we just have two lanes open. pete is there, following everything there. he's also updating through twitter. the backup has cleared but still on the 280, tension. this car fire used to be be on 92 may be an issue causing a slowdown. look over on the east street, talk about the rain having
10:30 am
traveled, here's 580 through dublin. be careful. >> we're going to check in from the bay bridge at 11:00. it is try day friday. jenna bush hague sir in for kathie lee and the countdown is on to all of your halloween fun. >> whether invited to a halloween party tonight or your kids still need one for monday. don't panic. >> we can make your kids look boo-tiful. >> and jj is with us. >> boo tiful? >> i like that one. >> and memphis, last ten years. >> that was college. >> all right. >> let's start. >> start with our kids. first up, a young man named taylor. taylor, step right up. looks like an olympian to me. >> and we have our gold medal
10:31 am
mike phelps. so easy. last-minute. right? you don't have a halloween idea, know all we did was 28 gold medals. had to get it right and then simple swim shirt, swim trunk. american flag. he can give away. the michael phelps goggles, michael phelps earphones and if cold where you live, simply put his warm-up over it. >> our towel. >> thank you. >> taylor, awesome job. >> thank you. >> and the face. mean michael phelps face. >> and now -- >> sibling costume. older brother and younger brother. if you don't have an idea. >> i can't handle the cuteness. >> so cute. >> older brother just football player. eye patches from a party store. football jersey. >> and the little brother -- >> the little brother's the foot ball. finn. >> hi, finn! >> take any brown felt and create lace with wide tape and use ribbon.
10:32 am
ultimate sibling boy costume. football player and football. right? >> i can't handle the cuteness. you look adorable. thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. love you. >> a group of adorable girls. one belongs to jeanine, fantastic wardrobe, gianna and darin, cameron and quinn, all sisters. >> and -- they're the -- four seasons! >> how cute! >> that's so cute. >> i can't handle it. >> so winter, spring. >> summer and fall. >> and let's start. winter, all we did, whites. faux furs, crystallized diy headband. everything we had in the closet and then spring through fall, these homemade tutus. >> you made those? >> make them for poppy. >> i don't know if i can. >> elastic waistband with just tewell. slip knot it in the colors of the season. hand-made all of those. >> everyone looks so cute. >> i like your looks. each doing a little look with your arms.
10:33 am
change your poses. >> and a diy headband from the craft store. faux leaves on for fall. also on her fantastic tutu, and summer, we have our, of course, starfish, like she's at the beach and spring rain jacket and rain boots. >> and fall, i like fall's boots, too. >> and fall's boots, too. >> just use what you have. okay? >> oh, that's the whole idea. look, it's friday and this is for this weekend or monday. >> girls, excellent. >> good job, guys! >> do a little pose on the way out. >> shake it a little bit. we got one. got one. >> and this family, which i love. >> and how popular? >> emojis. >> yes. >> our emojis. >> who do we have? >> let's start -- how about we start with dad and the glasses on the glasses. this was just yellow cardboard, paper and felt. that's it. bought yellow cardboard paper, fishing hardware, black and red felt and choose your emotion. how you want to feel that night. >> look at the --
10:34 am
>> taking flowers off and throwing them. >> 2-year-old angel. all 2-year-olds are such angel. >> she s. and mom, of course. >> love her. >> adorable. >> and johnny and jesse. are you guys having fun? do you like your costumes? >> yeah. >> what are you? what are you, johnny? >> she winked her eyes. >> oh, my -- cute. >> you got it, yes. >> thank you so much. we got to bring out our guy alex. >> favorite guy. >> yellow cardboard and felt. >> if you like 5"fifty shades o grey." >> are you going to wear this monday? >> yes. >> so totally, totally, no cost on this. samples. all grey samples from the paint store. >> and the casey and suzanne. >> smarty pants, can you believe it? here of smarty pants. black outfits.
10:35 am
double stick tape smerties, glass smarties and glasses, books. >> are you wearing that? >> totally. >> jj, thank you. >> so glad to see you. >> taking our dog charlie to the groomers and showing you tools and techniques to take care of your pooch. >> and the bride and groom who go by the country sctars. ready to perform t
10:36 am
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if you could have a pet that could use grooming probably a good time to take him or her on a road trip to the groomers. >> taking our own puppy with a purpose charlie for his first grooming experience. >> hard but had so much fun. charlie and i spent the day together with a couple of friends from america's vets dogged and learned why it's
10:40 am
important to get your dog professionally groomed and you what you can do to keep your puppy pretty happy and healthy. >> hi. welcome to petsmart. how are you? >> hi. >> i have charlie and our adorable puppy friends i have a puppy that's four and a half months old. why is it important? >> well, it's something that we want to keep positive. starting younger is beneficial for them. >> we want happy puppies, so let's get started. >> perfect. >> the important thing with nails is that there's a nerve in the middle of the nail called the quick. so when you're trying this at home, be very kashs of that inside. just keep going little by little and you will see a little damp dark center. that's when you know you're close and have to pull off. >> good boy.
10:41 am
you were so good. yes. yes. give the camera a kiss. >> what do you use to clean the ears? >> so i'm going to use a gentle ear wash. you can purchase that at any pet store. it's nonalcoholic. you can put it in and wipe it out clean. >> show us the whites. >> the great thing is that it's a treat for them. it starts to break down the make for you. >> now people should not use tooth paste for humans on dogs? >> yeah. you want to make sure that it's formulated for dogs. >> now butter cup has the gorgeous fur, how do we take care of it? >> well, golden retrievers are known for shedding. we have a tool. sit. good girl. >> yes. >> so this is the furmanator.
10:42 am
it helps to pull out the undercoat for us. just run the comb through and you will notice that the undercoat comes out. >> next up is gorgeous ellie. how about hair verses fur. >> well, dogs like this can get really tight. it's important to avoid that. it's just daily brushing. >> any don'ts for bath time? >> try not to get water into the ear canal. i cannot stress that enough. that can cause a lot of ear issues. >> charlie, you look so handsome and your friends, gorgeous gals.
10:43 am
it's time to get out of here. let's go. >> charlie. >> i did not want to leave work that day. i wanted to spend the night at petsmart with the dogs. we did a before and after with the dogs. this was the before with the dogs and look at the after. we added a few and then groomed them. >> they look shiny and lovely. we have the pets and we brought you a few treats. yes, come here. >> oh thank you. >> for you guys. >> by the way can we talk about the stealer on this. lily on the shoes. can we get a tight shot of them. >> he wants to eat them. >> they're adorable. >> coming up the single is burning up the charts and they're about to sing for us. >> that's after this. cathy's gotten used to the smell of
10:44 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. they are the husband and wife duo making sweet music together. keifer and shawna known to their fans as thompson square. >> this one you are listening to "are you going to kiss me or not". >> parents to a little boy named cooper and a new single. "you make it look so good" y'all have been together how many years? >> oh, my gosh. >> a bunch. >> 17 years. >> and your baby's here. the cutest thing we've seen. >> thompson cubed is what we're switching your name to. >> headphones. >> an inspiration in your writings, your songs? >> reconfigurated our life. even songs we had hits on.
10:50 am
so different. >> that video with him is the cutest thing we've ever are seen. >> adorable. what will you sing for us today? >> brand new single. "you make us look good." >> okay. thompson square. take it away. ♪ stretches out in my big, old bed putting both pillows ♪ ♪ nothing but espn on ♪ picking up my buddies on a wednesday night dollar bills, turn off the light ♪ nobody checking in or up on me ♪ the way you're gonna be ♪ but you, you look so good ♪
10:51 am
yeah, you got me wondering what it might be like being there every night and waking up on the other side of the bed ♪ and i never thought i let anyone get close enough to make me fall in love ♪ but, ooh, you look so good ♪ ♪ lately you've been taking up all my time i used to talk with my friends drinking wine love everybody really on my list ♪ baby now you're showing me what i missed ♪ ooh, you make it look so good got me wondering what it might be like knowing every night who i'm waking up with on the other side of the bed ♪ and i never thought i'd let
10:52 am
anyone ever get close enough to make me fall in love ♪ but, ooh, you make it look so good ♪ whoa-wloe ♪ you make it look so good ♪ ♪ ♪ you make it look so so good ♪ ♪ you got me wondering what it might be like wondering every night who i'm waking up with on the other side of the bed ♪ and i never thought i'd let anyone ever get close enough to make me fall in love ♪ but, ooh, you make it look so good ♪ you make it look so good ♪ you make it look so good you make it look so good so good ♪
10:53 am
so good ♪ maybe you've been taking up all my time ♪ taking up all my time ♪ ♪ i don't i don't, i don't mind ♪ you make it look so good ♪ ♪ so good so good ♪ so good ♪ >> whew! >>. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> i love that. >> okay. that rocked. that was great. >> i want in a duo. >> that was awesome. we're so honored. >> we have to bring -- careful. we have to bring cooper in for one. >> hi cooper. >> that was so great. >> all right. we're to be back in a moment.
10:54 am
>> this was "today" on nbc. mome >> first, this is "today" on nbc. nbc. >> you w my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the why can't it smell like this all the time
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the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
10:56 am
10:57 am
jenna bush hager, thank you the pictures of your kids. >> yeah, i have to take one too. >> don't forget we're going to reveal the costumes. they're epic. >> i can't wait. >> we're epic and you're epic. >> yeah, we're going o to have the action behind the scenes and the country music awards with carrie undergood. >> heath er gray is going to stop by. >> bye y'all.
10:58 am
we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
10:59 am
11:00 am
good friday morning. breaking news, major traffic problems on highway 92 just before the 101 connect tore. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. a lot of traffic is tied up there being mike. >> that's right. it's very late in the morning commute. we had lighter traffic flow until this happened. just as we're speaking, one lane folks starting to squeeze by. it looks like this rig caught fire and we have not seen anything on the back of that rig, but that caused all the  lanes to close down as you're heading across 92 towards highway 101. this cleanup obviously they have absorbant down because i'm told there was fuel through the area, as well. so thank goodness that did not spread any farther. look


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